Summer Enrollment 2019

AMP Junior Star Tennis Academy  

Summer Enrollment Form


Name __________________________ Age __ Date of Birth  __________

Home Phone # ___________________ Mobile Phone # _______________

Work Phone # _______________Email Address _____________________

School Attending _________________________ Grade Level __________

Parents _____________________________________________________

Mailing Address _______________________________________________

City ___________ Zip Code ________ Site Location __________________


Please circle the class your child plans to attend:


Twinkle Stars    Tiny Stars      Future Stars     Superstars      Tournament Stars

(8:30-9:30am)                                         (9:30-11:30am)                


Please circle the boxes for the sessons your child plans to attend:

Session    I June 17 - 21             II July 1 - 5              III June 8 - 12

              IV July 15 -19              V July 22 -26              VI July 29 - Aug 2

              VIII Aug 5 - 9           IX Aug 12 - 16               X Aug 19 - 23        

 Please circle the days your child plans to attend:


Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday        Thursday        Friday        

Waiver Liability

          We, (I) the parent/guardian give permission for __________________ to participate in the AMPTENNIS, LLC. tennis program(s). We, (I) hereby waive and release AMPTENNIS, LLC., and its staff or instructors from any liability, injury or illness incurred while participating in the programs.  I have no knowledge of any physical impairment that would be affected by my child’s participation in the programs.


___________________________________________            Signature

___________________________________________            Printed Name

_____________________                                                      Date


Cut and paste into your word processor edit your information and email as an attachment to


Print and mail back to AMP, Inc.,    PO Box 991    Concord, NC 28026-0991