AMP TENNIS' staff welcomes the opportunity of working with area players individually and through group instruction. In addition, clients understand coaching exceeds only court time. Countless hours are given to serving adult & juniors through travelling, studying, planning, motivating, etc.


Individual Quarterly Membership $100 

Aditional Child Membership Reduced By $25

Membership Includes   24hr Coaching

                                    Yearly Tournament Schedule Management

                                    Exclusive Pricing from AMPTENNIS endorsees

                                    Weekly Email Updates on industry news and client's highlights

                                    Complimentary One Hour Individual Workout Per Enrollment

                                    Continued Top Quality Service Unmatched

Effective Monday, June 5th, 2006


Prices Based On Membership to AMPTENNIS

Ball Machine $10/hr

Chad Oxendine, Director (Effective starting September 1, 2019)


Single Supremacy $50/hr M $60/hr NM    
Dynamite Duo

$25/hr M $30/hr NM



Triple Threat $15/hr M   $30/hr NM    


Fiersome Foursome $12/hr M $15/hr NM           


1/2 hr Individual Wkt $25 M       $30 NM    


1/2 hr Duo Wkt $15M      $20 NM             

     Team Packages Must Be Set Up By At Least One Member

        Below Is Price By Based On # of Team Members

7 Players  $  8.00    
8 Players  $  8.00      
9 Players  $  7.00      
10 Players  $  7.00      
11 Players  $  6.00      
12 Players  $  6.00      
Prices Are Based On Per Hour      

Introductory Player Package: Four 1hour Individual Workouts $150

                                      This Is A One Time OFFER


Junior ACADEMY Packages


Wimbledon                         60 Group Hours                              $360

US Open                           48 Group Hours                               $288

French Open                      36 Group Hours                               $216

Austrailian Open                 24 Group Hours                               $144


Wimbledon                        60 Group Hours/4 Individual Hours       $500

US Open                          48 Group Hours/4 Individual Hours        $445

French Open                     36 Group Hours/4 Individual Hours        $375

Austrailian Open                24 Group Hours/4 Individual Hours       $300