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AMP Junior Star Tennis ACADEMY

Les Myers Park

338 Lawndale Avenue

Concord, NC 28025


“Involve kids early in tennis and they
 will have a sport for a lifetime"


        School Year Enrollment Monday, September 2nd - Saturday, November 30th


Twinkle Stars 5 & 6yr old  Monday-Friday 4:00-5:00pm Saturdays 9-10am (Attendance Will Determine Class Formation)

Twinkle Stars is the first level in the Academy, at this level we will expose youngsters to the thrill and fun of playing athletics. USPTA Little Tennis equipment will be a vital part of this class and will take kids to the next level of learning into Tiny Stars. 10 & Under Tennis  10 & Under Tennis Videos


Tiny Stars 7 & 8yr old  Monday-Friday 4:00-5:00pm Saturdays 9:00-10:00am (Attendance Will Determine Class Formation)

Tiny Stars will involve the national acclaimed USPTA Little Tennis equipment plus vision. Kids will quickly excel through specialized teaching aids appropriate for this age division. Goals of the class will be to teach kids the fundamentals of the game involving competitive play. Look for kids to move from short court tennis to full court play.  In addition, coaches will begin to choose those whom should take the Tournament Stars track to USTA tournament play. 10 & Under Tennis 10 & Under Tennis Videos


Future Stars 9 & 10yr old  Monday-Friday 4:00-5:00pm  Saturdays 9:00-10:00am (Attendance Will Determine Class Formation)

Future Stars will apply their tennis skills to full court tennis and begin match play. Goals of the class will be consistent control, court etiquette, and increased match play competition. Look for kids to continue into our next class of Superstars with the ability to compete in USTA TEAM TENNIS,USTA  tournaments or be invited into Tournament Stars.  10 & Under Tennis  10 & UnderTennis Videos


Superstars Middle & High School Age  Saturdays 10:00-11:00 am

Superstars will be a fundamentals introductory class that presents teachings to middle & high school age young people. Goals of the class will be consistent control, court etiquette, and increased match play competition. Discovering a passion for tennis presented in a fun environment will hopefully lead to a great sport for a lifetime.


Tournament Stars  Invitation Only  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 5:00-7:00pm Saturdays 11:00am - 1:00pm 

Tournament Stars level will expect kids to be involved in USTA  tournament competition. This will be a drill group with tournament emphasis. Conditioning will be a huge part of the class, asking kids to take their tennis ability to the limits. Time is set aside specificially for Speed/Agility & Strength/Conditioning. Training goals of the class will be to develop the highest quality of tennis players here in Concord and surrounding areas. To remain in this class, students are required to have a signed Code of Conduct contract between player, parent, and coach.


Attendance Policy
Refining your child’s tennis skills requires countless hours of practice, this does not mean practice makes perfect, but the perfect practice makes perfect. Ensure your child’s excellence by combining individual and group workouts. Take time to speak with Coach Chad to make sure the right balance is in place for your child.  Costs per class are based your attendance each week. Clients will be billed for the length of the class that particular day, no matter if they exit early. If we have a 3hr or 1hr practice session, everyone in attendance that day will be billed for 3hrs or 1hr.


Prayer Time
Every child will have an opportunity to bring needs to the group at the beginning and end of class. I look for this time to be a unifying of spirits raising our workouts to new heights. The #1 goal of our ACADEMY is to create a Christian Competive Environment.


The ACADEMY is a year round junior program and is broken into winter, spring, summer and fall. With enrollment, the student will receive a one-hour individual workout with the Director. Payments can either be made each day of attendance or clients billed out on a weekly basis. During these summer months, weekly sessions are available. Summer Camps (Weekly camps where a child attends 3 or more classes during a week); Anything less will be billed at a drop in rate)  


$100/Enrollment Fee (Sept - Nov)  Complimentary 1hr individual session will be give upon payment. This gift expires at the end of the session the client has enrolled.

$6/h for group practices

Drop In Rate $10/hr for group practices

Above Pricing Apply To The Twinkle, Tiny, & Future Stars Classes                    


Tournament Stars  When players move into this group pricing is billed out at $6/hr. Parents are ENCOURAGED to prebook a package of 24, 36, 48, or 60hr of practice time on the courts. The training hours a client prebook will never expire.   


   Fill out enroll form & mail in your attendance request


Concord Tennis Association and anonymous sponsors make available students from different financial and multi-cultural backgrounds to have the opportunity to learn and grow their tennis skills. If there is a financial situation not allowing your child to be a part of the ACADEMY, please speak with the Director and have the door of opportunity remain open for your tennis star.