brand new year and again, it has been a while since logging in & writing about program smiley-yell
we just wrapped up our first usta tournament of the year with our DOUBLES CHALLENGE (BG10s - 18s)
we made it through the rain, cold & wind saturday & sunday to see all divisions completed 
a lot of new faces have entered the ACADEMY, while we saw players whom started with the program graduate this past year smiley-cool
we are excited about this great year to come !!!
excited to see the high school boys rock through their season
little ones learning the game & move into competing in 10 & under events
Seriously ??? I have not written about our ACADEMY in quite a while !!!
I do apologize !
Well, AMPTENNIS has grown in many ways since the last journal entry. I have been blessed to have the ability to reach my community,
here in Concord, Albemarle & Locust. We have 6 USTA tournaments planned ! Arguebly, the hottest player is Madison Hill in the G10s. Recently, she has won two 10 & under Level 4 events.  Our Middle School Tennis League started back this past Saturday, 11th with over 15 participants ! Field Days are in full swing now, so I am going out each week to share tennis with our K - 5th graders !
Lastly, I am coaching CFA's mens tennis team.
We are finally able to stop a second and breathe after the fury of 3 weeks of weekend events. USTA PLAYDAY (Bring A Friend Day), AMP Spring Futures Junior Tournament, Concord TEAM NC 10U Jamboree.  These events brought together families from around the state to Concord, NC.  Spring Session is underway, seeing a ton of new faces on the courts.  Thank God for Carolina Courts allowing us to go inside and rock when we have not so nice weather.
We have had a mild winter at this point in 2012. Our boys are in high school spring season and will begin their regular season matches in less than 2 weeks. We have added an additional site location at Dorton Park. Coach Laura oversees this program on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The AMP Doubles Challenge was our first ever Level 3 event held in this community.
We have started our FALL Session of  the Junior Academy. We have a ton of new faces that are finding the courts and faithful AMPTENNIS members that continue to grow their tennis abilities !!! Our Adult Clinics are rocking each evening from 730-830pm with a few parents of the kiddoes begining to pick up this game versus sweat it out on the treadmill !!! Coach Laura is taking tennis to the streets of Kannapolis and Harrisburg on Mondays and Wednesdays !!! Coach Bob Allensworth is out at Dorton Park growing tennis on the NW part of town !!! Ladies' High School tennis is packing up the courts at Les Myers on Mondays & Wednesday, so we are down to 2 courts and the backboard !!! I call these days MARKETING 101 days because of the FREE advertising we get from simply doing what we do !!! Tuesdays & Thursdays we spread the kiddoes out and rock !!!  We just had 30 kids and parents head up to Winston-Salem for the Professional Mens Tennis Tournament. We have an upcoming USTA Jr Tournament on Sept 16-18. More to come as the year progresses !!!
Praise God for a triumphant and victorious 10'. Yes, these are similar words to the statement below because as the Word of God says, "In all things give him praise...:" and I will choose to do that this day. Our Christmas Party rocked with more players and parents in attendance than ever before in AMP TENNIS history. Tennis 4 Tots is back under way during the day. Jr ACADEMY rolls into the new year preparing players for competition. Adult (Lovers Of This Sport) Clinics  are continue to brave the tundra evenings to train from night to night. I will committ to keeping more notes coming about our program in this year of NEW BEGINNINGS !!!
We catch our breath after rockin another great tournament year, with our final tournament AMP QUEST FOR THE BEST. Recently, two great articles have been written concerning Laura Oxendine. One is on the QUICKSTART Program . Second is on the marriage of Chad and Laura . Laura has a new program underway entitled TENNIS 4 TOTS. We are now buckling down for our Winter Training inside and out. Our Christmas party will be held Tuesday, 21st. Pictures to come from this great time !!! Merry Christmas and we will see what the Lord has for our business in the new year !!!
Praise God for a triumphant and overcoming 09'. We are truly destined to WIN n 2010. Winter freezes are upon us, but we still train and forge forward through the TUNDRA Tennis. Our Quickstart kiddoes are growing daily on the courts. We had four 8&unders compete in their first tournament in November. Male high schoolers are working hard in preperation for their upcoming Spring High School Season. All ACADEMY members were given a special gift for Christmas from Coach Chad. Tournament Stars continue to train and grow their games on the courts, loving the journey of SUCCESS.
Current USTA Standing of Tournament Stars
Kaley Williford NC G10s 12    Southern G10s 69       Kate Earnhardt G 10s 14 Southern 66
                           NC G12s 106 Southern G12s 569                                 G 12s 71 Southern 268
Noah Taylor NC B10s 111 Micah Halter NC B12 190  Mason Goolsby NC B12s 214
Wrapping up our Summer 09', we have many triumphs with our young people. While young peoples games and love for the game have grown, many have grown to become greater CHAMPIONS off the courts. We have seen so many young people 10&under come into the game this summer. This has been such a joy to me as a coach; seeing new faces fall in love with the game !
Current USTA Standings of Tournament Stars
Sarah Jiang G10s 9 G12s 40    Kate Earnhardt G10s 21     Kaley Willilford    G10s 33
December starts off with a cold Monday afternoon. Just finishing up AMP QUEST FOR THE BEST. Praise God we even had the event. Players went to battle Friday and Saturday, while Sunday play was cancelled due to weather. Many of the kids are beginning to play in new age groups, while others continue climb the charts in their present age category. Boys are gearing up for their spring season, coming out and building their games up to challenge for top spots on their high school teams !! Annual Christmas Party is scheduled Sunday, December 14th.
Current USTA Standings Of Tournament Stars
Sarah Jiang   G10s 11 G12s 75      Kate Earnhardt  G10s  29    Kaley Williford       G10s 37       Joy Loeblein   G16 134
Brent Perkins B18s 81                      Kevin Baker        B14s 110   Brendan Deal       B14s 143      Brandon Hien B14s 212
Travis Deal     B6s  226                   Gabby Beaudry  G12s 173    Grayson Huffman B16s 351     Brock Overcash B14s 281
Samuel Xin    B14s 294
May was a great month for the ACADEMY, seeing Sarah Jiang taking top honors with a DOUBLE CROWN in Stateville. She won the G10s Singles/Doubles(Current State Ranking G10s 22). Joy Loeblein reached the finals of Gastonina just this weekend (Current State Ranking G14s 92). We had two kids play in the Tarheel Qualifier. Brent Perkins & Kaley Williford went up and had a great experience, taking in the sites and preparing for the FUTURE of their games.
AMP went 3-1 this past weekend with Joy Loeblein reaching the finals in the CCC Shelby Open. She fell short in her third match of the day of short-set scoring. Super proud of her for her agressive play and focus through the weekend !!
Current Tournament Star Rankings 03/18/2008
Brendan Deal             B14s 320    Kevin Baker     B14s 92     Grayson Huffman B16s  322    Brent Perkins B18s 82
Gabby Beaudry          G12s 149    Kaley Williford G10s 92     Sarah Jiang           G10s  30      Joy Lloeblin    G14s107  
Samuel Xin                 B14s